OS Ticket Support System


**Free Installation**

Installation Steps :- 
1. Install VQMod first to your Opencart setup. If already installed move to step 2. 
2. Copy contents of the upload folder to your opencart root directory
3. Go to admin->Modules and then install osTicket Module in that. 
4. Click on "CREATE TICKET" , it will open in a new teb as home page of  OS TICKET .
 To go to admin panel of os ticket go to address bar,your website URL/tik_system/scp/login.php 
and credentials(which you can change later )will be.

username:- admin
password:- 123456

Prerequisites for this app:- 
PHP v5.3 or greater - 

Gdlib extension
PHP IMAP extension. Required for mail fetching
PHP XML extension (for XML API)
PHP XML-DOM extension (for HTML email processing)
PHP JSON extension (faster performance)
Gettext is used for translations (faster performance)
Mbstring is strongly recommended for all installations

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