Customer Notifications


Installation Step :
1. Goto Admin Extensions -> Extensions Installer.
2. CLick on upload button and select downloded zip file(
3. Click on coutinue button.
4. Goto Admin Extensions -> Modifications.
5. Click on clear and refresh button.
6. Goto Admin Extensions -> Module and install Customer Notifications.
7. Edit Customer Notifications Module.

8. Insert Notification : Click on "+" button to add Notification.
8.1 NOTIFICATION : Add Text you want to show customer on front end.
8.2 SHOW NOTIFICATION ON : Select Page on which you want to show Notification.
8.3 Link : Link of the page you want customer will redirect when he click on Notification.
8.4 CUSTOMER LOGIN : Customer should or should not be logged in to see Notification.
8.5 NOTIFICATION TYPE : Type of Notification.
8.6 DATE START : Time when Notofication can appear on front end.
8.7 DATE END : Time when Notofication can disappear from front end.

Click on save button to save notification.
9. Click on edit link to edit notification on listing page.
10. Delete Notification :
- Select Notification on listing page by clicking on checkbox in first column.
- Click on Delete Button to delete Notification.
11. Notification Report : Click on Report button to see Notification Report.
12. Click on Clear Cache button to clear Customer Notification Cache.
NOTE : If new inserted notification is not show on front end please clear notification cache by click on clear cache button.

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