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Customized Watch Builder - Make your own watch

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- Key Features

Let your customers build their own watch using our watch builder. 

How it works:- 
Customers gets to a product page where they will get the option of selecting
- Watch Case
- Dial
- Watch Hands
- Watch Band

and build the kind of watch they want to make right in front of their eyes. 

Key Features:- 
- Users can choose from different styles of Cases, Dials, Watch hands and Watch Bands.
- Users can view their customized product in their cart pages as well. 
- Users can go forth and back to select among different Cases, Dials etc. 
- Upload Any number of different styles.
- Ability to have normal product watches as well. 
- Different styles, dials can have different prices that can be added or subtracted from the product basic price. 
- Select the order of styles that will be shown to the user. 
- Different products can be created targeting different sections, such as for Men, Women and Children

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