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HDFC Payment Gateways

This Payment Gateway works with checkout for payment in Cs Cart.Admin can easily integrate HDFC Payment Gateway into CS Cart site.


- Admin can easily integrate HDFC Payment Gateway into CS Cart site.
- Admin has to provide Details Provided by HDFC for making Payment.
- Any user/customer can easily make payment.
- Automatic currency converter according to admin currency.
- Admin can choose to save details to save in response from HDFC.
- HDFC is verified by Visa & Master Card Secure Code enabled gateway.


1. Extract the zip file and copy app and design folder and post on root directory.
2. Go to Admin->Add-ons->Browse all available add-ons and find HDFC.
3. Click on Install Button.
4. Go to Administration -> Payment Methods Click on Add Button(+).
5. Insert Name you want to show on front end.
6. Processor : Select HDFC.
7. Payment Category : HDFC
8. Select CONFIG Tab.
9. Fill your HDFC credentials.
10. Click on create Button.

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