FedEx Shipping API Integration for Cs-Cart


This is a Shipping Automation module for those who are using FedEx Courier Services, with the help of this module you can auto-assign AWB numbers to orders and then print shipping labels and bar code generation. 

1. Extract zip and paste app and design folder on root directory.
2. Goto Admin->Add-ons->Manage add-ons ->    Browser all available add-ons.
3. Find FedEx.
4. Click on install Button.
5. Now you can see FedEx link on Menu bar of admin
6. Goto admin->FedEx->carries .Here you can put your FedEx crendentials.

Assign AWB to an Order
1. Goto -> admin -> Orders -> View orders .
2. Click on id of an order to view order.
3. Click on New shipment.
4. Select FedEx courier in carrier select box.
5. Click on assign Button.

1. Goto admin->FedEx->manifest.
2. Select order and click on create manifest.
3. Click on view Manifest to see Manifest list.
4. To export manifest select manifest and click on export selected.

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